Keep your cash flow for other prioritized expenses and let your new equipment pay for itself. 

At Neo Beauty Solutions we understand that paying for a salon equipment up front is not feasible for many small businesses, and, often not even rational. When financing our products with Affirm, you preserve your business capital for daily operations and growth of your business. In the meantime, your newly purchased equipment is creating a profit before your first monthly payment is due.

How does it work?

Let’s say you finance a product that costs $5,000 for 12 months.

A hypothetical Equipment cost is $5,000

Your monthly payment for the new equipment at 15% APR is $451.00

The profit from using the equipment is $2,700.00 per month

Your net income 2,249.00 per month

 * The above table is meant for illustrative purposes only. 

Tax Benefits

Not only the product you financed will generate the income and pay for itself, but it also will allow you tax deductions at the end of the year. Ask your accountant how. 

How to Finance with Affirm?

  • Shop for your favorite product from Neo Beauty Solutions Catalog and select Affirm at checkout. 
  • Answer a few simple pre-approval questions and see how much you can loan (seeing if you prequalify will not affect your credit score; it will get affected if you decide to make a purchase with a loan). When you prequalify, you get an estimated amount of how much you can spend with Affirm. You are not obligated to spend a full amount and you do not owe anything back until you actually make a purchase.
  • Select the payment schedule that meets your business needs (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) and confirm your loan. Affirm does not have any hidden fees.
  • Download the Affirm app or sign in at to make your monthly payments.

For more details on financing with Affirm, please visit

Get your business started today

With an easy application process, you will receive an immediate credit decision. Our financing options allow you to loan up to $17,500. 

At Neo Beauty Solutions, we are proud to provide you with smart financing solutions for your growing business. We help estheticians and cosmetologists to get their businesses started with low credit score or excellent credit score. We will find a financing option that fits you the best!