All equipment from Neo Beauty Solutions comes with a 12-24 months warranty. We highly recommend taking our complementary video training or in person training to ensure the correct exploitation of the equipment by you and your staff. It is also essential to use professional technicians when installing your newly purchased equipment.

We got you covered. If your product fails under normal use as a result of a factory defect, such as a material or workmanship defect, we will either repair it or replace it with a comparable product or part under manufacturer’s conditions. All malfunctioning components and parts need to be sent back to Neo Beauty Solutions. The repair / replacement processing time may vary depending on the case.

Be mindful. Failure or damage as a result of normal wear and tear, improper installation by unlicensed technician, misuse or tempering, accident, modifications, acts of nature, power surge and/or inappropriate operating conditions is not covered. These warranties cover replacement-repair parts, not labor or shipping costs, and they do not cover normal wear and tear or damage where there is evidence of altering, tampering, mishandling, abuse or misuse of the equipment.

Inspect the delivered item. Once you receive the shipping, carefully inspect the item in its entirety for any signs of damages, dents, cracks or any missing components. Should you find any of the described defects, contact us within 24 hours of the shipment receipt with an imagery proof.

Provide supportive documents. It is a client’s responsibility to notify the company about malfunctioning equipment. They must obtain the pre-authorization from Neo Beauty Solutions prior to shipping the machine back for the repairs/replacement under warranty. To help us assess the damage or failure of your product, please ensure to submit the detailed photos or videos documenting the issue at the time of your claim. The responsibility falls on the customer to submit clear evidence of the damage/defect via digital photograph or video.