Cryoskin and Thermal Shock System


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Cryo Slimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze fat, causing the cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The destroyed cells then pass naturally through your body’s lymphatic system over the next two weeks. Quick and convenient treatments last between 30 – 40 minutes, with no recovery time. Cryoskin has all the fat loss benefits without any lasting side effects or discomfort. 88% of people surveyed found the treatments to be comfortable and relaxing. In fact, some of our clients feel the session is so comfortable they take the time to catch a quick cat nap.

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How It Works

  1. Pre-heating
    The area is covered with a short heating treatment to approx. 42℃ to 45℃.
  2. Cooling
    A thermo-shock effect caused by the fast changes from heat to cold on the treated tissue. The treated tissue is optimally chilled.
  3. Heating (Relaxation)
    In the final heating phase, it comes to a rapid transition from cold to heat. This is to improve blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.
  4. Apoptosis Procedure
    The crystallized fat cells then undergo apoptosis, and they are naturally eliminated from the body by its metabolic processes.
  5. After treatment
    The treatment results turn out to be positive and a significant reduction on the treated adipose tissue.


360° Treatment

60 minute session with Thermal Shock (Heating, Cooling and Re-heating)

35 minute session with Cryo (Cooling)

All the hand pieces work at a temperature between 45℃ to -10℃. This temperature range is required to treat fat folds of various thicknesses.


Machines is equipped with multiple applicators which enable practitioners to treat different body shapes and sizes comprehensively with maximal comfort. Including: upper arm, thighs, abdomen, waist, buttocks, back and even hard-to-reach areas!


Innovative technology of ZSculpt 360 can work with one, two, three or four applicators independently and simultaneously, simultaneous applicators can cover a larger area or perform the treatment on multiple areas of the same patient or different patients in the same session, reducing treatment time and favoring the patient’s comfort, obtaining visible and transformational results from the very first session.

Package Contents

  1. Main unit
  2. Body applicator
  3. Chin applicator
  4. Operator’s Manual
  5. Power cable
  6. Applicator Support
  7. Extra fuse
  8. Caliper


TypeBeauty Equipment
FeaturesWeight Loss
Warranty1 Year
Minimum Temperature-10 ℃
Maximum Temperature45 ℃
Hand PiecesFour body and One Chin Hand Piece
Cooling System4 Independent Cooling Systems
Vacuum System4 Independent Vacuum Systems
Vacuum Pressure100 Kpa / 700 mhg
Graphical User Interface8″ Colour Display Touch Screen
Power Supply100 – 240 V
Maximum Power1200 W
Cooling Capacity in each Hand Piece100 W Programmable


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