Electroporation Needle Free Mesotherapy Machine


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Directly act on the skin and instantly enhance the permeability of skin tissue. Under the action of electric shock, electric shock holes (holes caused by electric shock) are formed on the inner layer of the cell membrane. At the shock hole formation time, the hydrophilic molecules that normally aren’t absorbed by the cell could penetrate and enter the cell. Once the shock hole is formed, it will remain open for several seconds to several minutes depending on the the shock duration.


  • Wrinkle removal and anti-aging
  • Spot reduction
  • Eye-lifting
  • Skin tightening
  • Easy to carry
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Ultrasonic wave refers to the mechanical vibration wave with a frequency, which has mechanical action, warming action, and chemical action. This facial beauty instrument makes use of the strong penetration of ultrasonic waves, which can penetrate deeply into the skin for 4~6mm, to carry out physical therapy on people’s body and face.


  • Improves local blood and lymph circulation and enhances cell action
  • Improves metabolism and regeneration of tissues, softens tissues, stimulates nervous system and cell functions
  • Makes skin shiny and elastic
  • Imports nutrition, cleans pores and detoxifies
  • Whitening and lightening of spots, firming, and wrinkle removal
  • Removes pouch and eye bag: Using the mechanical massage function of ultrasonic wave to accelerate blood and lymph circulation, decompose fat and promote subcutaneous absorption, thereby reducing excess water and accumulated fat
  • Photo-ultrasonic powered by light and compact portable machine body and simple operation method can be easily used by individuals at home.


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